Annual Report 2019

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Activity report 2019


The only constant in life is change. For the better with our good will.



Dear sponsors, dear donors,

Dear friends,

Dear students,


The end of 2019 and current year 2020 has completely turned the world upside down. Our lives were threatened and our freedom strongly restricted. Even “Free Hugs” are now something unimaginable. The mandatory confinement social distancing – which have lasted way too long – have made us rediscover the importance of human interaction and have given us the urge to rediscover the human beings who belong to our daily activities. In the end the sole target of our actions is our neighbor. In this very uncertain world, altruism should be our guide.


On behalf of us all, I would like to thank you for practicing altruism by supporting the Helvietmed in its actions for the past (almost) decade. Our actions have not been in vain but have in contrary been fruitful. One of these fruits is the number of scholarship students who were supported and inspired by the Helvietmed in the framework of the SEE-Responsibly project.


1.      SEE-Responsibly project


Since its launch in 2011, we have supported 128 students, from which many throughout their 6-year medicine studies in Hanoi, Saigon and Cantho. In summer 2019, 71 have graduated and have found a job during their post-graduate studies, either in Vietnam or abroad. A significant number of alumni have started to produce high-quality scientific publications. I proudly mention:


  • Dr Nguyen Thanh Cong – who is about to finalize his PhD in Shiba, Japan – has just published a brilliant article in


  • Mr Truong Buu, who will graduate in Saigon this summer


  • Dr Nguyen Minh Dung and Dr Le Khac Tien who are co-authors of in press publications.

This summer 2020, we expect 17 new graduates, which brings the total number to 88 doctors.


The table below summarizes the evolution of the project, the future of which will depend on all of us: members, sponsors, donors and students.


See-responsibly project- Evolution

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Income (CHF) 5’903 12’448 15’425 18’906 16154 22400 22850 31900 32450 ?
Expenditure (CHF) 3’189 8’774 12’763 15’605 19894 19900 27650 31218 18542 ?
Fortune (CHF) 2714 7889 9051 12355 8622 8765 3965 5212 14615 ?
Members (n) 17 25 29 32 34 33 31 31 31 ?
Int. sponsors (n) 15 15 19 20 20 19 14 15 12 ?
Ext. sponsors (1)* 8 10 8 13 13 9 6 9 9 ?
Ext. sponsors (2)* 2 5 4 3 2 4 2 2 2 ?
Students (n) 10 10 24 44 49 49 67 64 57 ?
Graduates n (tot**) 0 1 0 8(9) 6(15) 5(20) 20(40) 10(50) 21 (71) 17(88)

*) (1) private sponsors; (2) institutional sponsors

**) total number accumulated since 2011


The academic year of 2020-2021 will unfortunately be grim for our students, as the registration fees keep increasing tremendously. Our modest scholarships – aiming to cover these fees – have become insufficient. We will therefore have to decrease their numbers. Everything changes, and often for the worst in Vietnam. We are thus all encouraged to find solutions to make this project as sustainable as possible……..


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Helvietmed_Rapport annuel 2019_FR

Rapport d’activités 2019


The only constant in life is change. For the better with our good will.



Chers sponsors, chers donateurs,

Chères Amies, chers Amis,

Chères étudiantes, chers étudiants.


La fin de l’année 2019 et cette année 2020 en cours ont vu notre monde bouleversé, nos vies menacées et notre liberté fortement limitée. Même les “free hugs” sont devenus chose impossible. Le confinement forcé et la distanciation sociale imposée – qui n’ont duré que trop longtemps – nous font redécouvrir l’importance des relations humaines et nous redonnent envie de redécouvrir les êtres humains qui nous entourent dans toutes nos activités quotidiennes. La cible de nos actions multiples n’est finalement rien d’autre que notre prochain. Dans ce monde devenu incertain, l’altruisme devrait être notre guide.


Au nom de nous tous, je vous remercie d’avoir choisi cette voie en soutenant l’Helvietmed dans toutes ses actions depuis bientôt dix ans. Nos actions n’ont pas été vaines. Elles ont apporté bien des fruits. L’un de ces fruits est le nombre d’étudiants soutenus et inspirés par l’Helvietmed dans le cadre du projet BEE-Responsible.


1.        BEE-Responsible : Bourse d’Encouragement à une Elite par la Responsabilité


Depuis son lancement en 2011, nous avons soutenu 128 étudiants, un bon nombre tout le long de leurs 6 ans d’étude de médecine, provenant de Hanoi, Saigon et Cantho. En été 2019, 71 ont terminé leurs études, tous ont trouvé un emploi tout en poursuivant leurs formations post-graduées, au Vietnam et à l’étranger. Un nombre non-négligeable de nos anciens étudiants a commencé à produire des publications scientifiques. Je mentionne ici avec fierté ………


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