Scholarships for Medical Students




The “SEE-Responsibly” project, which aims at helping economically disadvantaged medical students to accomplish their studies by

  1. supporting them throughout their studies (up to 6 years) with a modest sum (presently 300 CHF/year) to partially cover their tuition fees, and
  2. by accompanying them with advice and coaching for their medical training and career. The project is called “SEE-responsibly”, in its original French version “BEE-responsible”, a modified abbreviation from “Bourse d’Encouragement à une Elite par la Responsabilité”, because we have a strong desire that they would become better women and men in assuming social responsibility, besides developing technical abilities. As stated in our attached brochure, candidates have to fulfill a set of criteria to be eligible for the scholarship, and we ensure this by personal interviews directly in Vietnam or by Skype.
  3. Furthermore, once being recipients of the scholarship, they have to provide yearly records. This should encourage them to maintain their effort, and a close contact with Helvietmed sponsors and coaches…

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