Dr. Huynh-Do Phi’s and Prof. Huynh-Do Uyen’s annual mission 2015

….Last but not least, we should mention the annual mission of Helvietmed in August 2015, realized by Dr Huynh-Do Phi and Dr. Huynh-Do Uyen. The following has been accomplished a) tighten the links with our colleagues at CTUMP in Can-Tho, b) organize workshops in Saigon (August 23rd 2015) and Can-Tho (August 16th 2015), c) meet Helvietmed members in Vietnam, namely Dr Le Van Khoa and Mr Phan Vuong Huy-Tu, and Dr Nguyen An-Binh from SMP-VNU d) meet scholarships students of Saigon and Can-Tho as well as organize a scholarship-giving ceremony, and f) meet the VNSDF team represented by Mrs Dang Minh Phuong.