We have been working with several academic institutions in Vietnam and Switzerland. Memories of Understanding were established with the following:



We would also like to thank our friends, colleagues and partners in Vietnam and Switzerland who have granted us openness, hospitality and consideration:

  • Prof. Dang Van Phuoc and Dr. Nguyen An Binh and teachers of the VNU-SMP Saigon.
  • Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu, Director of the Department of international cooperation of the Vietnam National University (VNU) in Hanoi.
  • Prof. Nguyen Thanh Hai, Prof. Duong Thi Ly-Huong, Prof. Pham Nhu Hai, Prof. Truong Viet Dzung and the leading team of School of Medicine and Pharmacy at VNU in Hanoi.
  • Prof. Pham Thi Tam, University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cantho (CTUMP).
  • The Vietnam Students Development Fund (VNSDF) team represented by Mrs DANG Minh-Phuong, Saigon.
  • Prof. Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl and “The Health Sciences eTraining Foundation” (HSeT) team.