Prof. Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl in mission in Hanoi and Saigon 2014

Project E-learning, under the direction of Prof Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl in association with HSeT (

In order to promote this project, Prof Kraehenbuhl went to Vietnam in December 2014 to meet with VNU-SMP authorities, as well as with officials of the Health Ministry of Vietnam in Hanoi, and the managers of VNU-SMP in Saigon. He also met with our students in Hanoi, as well as with his protégé Le Khac Tien in Saigon. The students expressed their gratitude to Helvietmed’s support. His work in Saigon was facilitated by Dr Nguyen An Binh (detailed report of this trip in appendix).

Summary for the meetings in Saigon and Hanoi December 2014